Add power to your control room with more functionality towards high-end digital video effects. Improve editorial decisions with all of the built-in features that our standard or portable production switchers have to offer.

Production Switchers

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  1. Datavideo SE-1200MU
    As low as $1,499.00
  2. HS-1300 HD 6 Channel Portable Production Studio
    6 input HD mobile studio with built-in streaming and recording. It comes with 4x HD-SDI and 2x HDMI inputs.
  3. HS-1600T MK II
    4-Channel HD/SD HDBaseT Portable Video Streaming Studio
  4. HS-3200 Mobile Studio
    12 input HD-SDI and HDMI hand carried mobile studio with built-in 17.3" LCD monitor, H.264 streaming encoder, and recorder. It also has a built-in TC-200 for titles and graphics.
  5. HS-4000 4K Mobilecast Switcher
    HS-4000 4K Mobilecast Switcher
  6. iCast 10NDI
    iCast 10NDI
  7. iCast 10NDI Kit
    iCast 10NDI Kit
  8. iCast Mini
  9. Osprey MSS-8 8x8 Matrix Switcher
    Osprey MSS-8 - Matrix Switcher 3G SDI 8x8 Rackmount
  10. Osprey MVS-16 16x16 Matrix Switcher / Multiviewer
    Osprey MVS016 - Matrix Switcher 3G SDI 16x16 / 16Ch MultiViewer Rackmount
  11. Osprey Switcher SSR-42R (4:1 Reclocking for 3G/HD/SD SDI and DVB-ASI)
    Professional 4:1 Reclocking Switcher for 3G/HD/SD SDI and DVB-ASI
  12. SE-3200 Switcher
    12 input 1080p video switcher with 8 HD-SDI and 4 HDMI inputs. Outputs include 3 configurable HDMI and 6 HD-SDI. It has a built-in TC-200 for titles and graphics.
  13. SE-4000 Switcher
    SE-4000 Switcher
  14. SE-500HD 4-Channel 1080p HDMI Video Switcher
    4 input HDMI 1080p video switcher with built-in audio mixer.
  15. SE-650 4 Input HD Digital Video Switcher
    4 input HD video switcher with HD-SDI and HDMI inputs. It comes with a built-in audio mixer
  16. Showcast 100
    Showcast 100
  17. Showcast 100 Kit
    Showcast 100 Kit
  18. Showcast 100-12X Kit
    All-in-one Single Operator 4K Production Bundle 20X PTZ
  19. Showcast 100-20X Kit
    Showcast 100-20X Kit
  20. TPC-700 Touch Panel Controller
    TPC-700 Touch Panel Controller
  21. TPC-700P Touch Panel Controller
    The PoE function allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power
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