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3-D processor with room panning
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Panorama is a specialized tool for creating stunningly realistic 3-D audio scenes using regular stereo sound. The DSP technology in Panorama reproduces psychoacoustic sound localization and distance cues, allowing you to pan sounds in three dimensions: not just left and right, but up, down, front, back, near, and far. Panorama combines HRTF-based audio panning with acoustic environment modeling, including wall reflections, reverberation, distance modeling, and the Doppler pitch effect. Panorama sounds amazing when heard on headphones. Anyone producing podcasts or music specifically intended for mobile devices should definitely check out Panorama. Panorama also includes a crosstalk canceller to format the output for playback over conventional stereo loudspeakers. In this mode, Panorama can make sounds appear to come from outside the normal stereo soundstage.


Sound examples:

Demos labeled “headphones” should be listened to over headphones; demos labels “speakers” should be listened to over stereo loudspeakers.


A helicopter circling around the head is a classic 3-D sound example, reproduced here using Panorama:

Helicopter Circling (headphones)

Helicopter Circling (speakers)


Now the helicopter moves up and down :

Helicopter UpDown (headphones)


The following example has the helicopter flying all around in different directions, demonstrating the Doppler and distance effects:

Helicopter Fly Around (headphones)

Helicopter Fly Around (speakers)


The following is a simple battlefield scene. A machine gun is heard on the left, bullets fly by to the right and ricochet, then a shell falls from top right to left resulting in an explosion to the front left. A conventional stereo mix of the same scene is provided for comparison.

War (stereo)

War (headphones)

War (speakers)


The following demonstration uses Panorama as a spatial music mixer. Notice how the Panorama processed sound is more “open”.

Simple Rock Demo Mix (stereo)

Simple Rock Demo Mix (headphones) – Panorama on each track

Simple Rock Demo Mix (speakers) – Panorama on each track

Position and movesound in three dimensions

Cartesian orpolar coordinates

Uses Head-RelatedTransfer Functions (HRTFs) to reproduce binaural sound localization cues

Integratedreverberation and distance cues

Separate sectionsfor early reflection modeling and late reverberation

Controldimensions and surface material of all six surfaces of the room

Early reflectionsare spatialized using HRTFs

Doppler pitcheffect

Processing forplayback over loudspeakers or headphones

Crosstalkcanceling based on real head models

Ships with 10human and 1 dummy-head HRTF set

Can loaduser-provided HRTFs

Full automationsupport for creating moving sounds

Up to 192 kHzsampling rate

Mono or stereoinputs (always stereo outputs)

Requires a hostprogram that supports audio plug-ins.


Macintosh AU,VST3, AAX

OS X 10.11 andhigher

AAX Pro Tools11 and higher

64-bit hosts only

Windows VST3,AAX

Windows 7/8/10

AAX Pro Tools10.3.5 and higher

32-bit and 64-bithosts supported

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