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Why ADK Video Editing?

Why ADK Video Editing?


Experienced Professionals

For over 17 Years ADK has been creating cutting edge digital video NLE workstation desktops and video production laptops for both professional and amateur videographers, graphic designers, producers, live broadcast professionals, podcasters, game designers, 3D animators and post production professionals worldwide. ADK Video Editing has an unparalleled reputation amongst professional and amateurs in offering the power, stability and tech support required to get the job done and never stop the creative flow.


Superior Build

Each system is carefully designed for performance, quiet operation, proper cooling and durability. We try to consult with every customer to make sure you get exactly the system you need. Components used in our systems are picked for their quality, performance and stability and with a precise attention to detail in the assembly.


Expert Installation Service

ADK Video Editing offers full installation and configuration services for your audio software and hardware in shop, over the phone or via remote desktop. Our expert staff will help make sure all your video software and video hardware is installed and configured for optimal performance and stability. This service is free with any video software or hardware you purchase with your ADK System. We can install up to 3 products you already own for free. It is $25 per item past that. In some cases, if we do not already have the product you use in our tech shop then we may require you to ship the item to us.  Contact us by phone, email or live chat to discuss your installation options further.


Outstanding Sales Support

Talk to our incredibly knowledgeable sales staff to help you realize your perfect video production, graphic design or animation computer. How much Ram? Which hard drives? Which processor is best? We will help your sort through these questions and more to make sure you get the right system.


Tech Support that’s better than the rest

All of our systems include life time tech support that includes not just the computer but any audio software and computer audio hardware used with the system.  We want to be your first call if you ever need help with your system or any video software and hardware you use with it.


Peace of Mind

All ADK systems ship with a Factory restore image and USB recovery media.  Ever get a virus, installed buggy software or hardware or just wanted or needed to reinstall windows? No worries you can use our factory Restore image and get back up and running in no time. Our systems also include full featured backup software for creating your own backups of your OS and media drives. So you will be able to make your own system backups. When creating your own backups, you almost never need to deal with tedious software reinstalls. Saving you hours of headaches and lost business.


ADK Remote Support

All ADK Pro Audio systems include ADK Quick Support. You can let out support staff help you by remotely connect to your system and work with you to resolve any support issues much faster than traditional phone and email support. This service is totally free with your ADK system and only requires a fast internet connection.