From 0 to 60 Inputs in 3 Seconds
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From 0 to 60 Inputs in 3 Seconds

The XC Series is a collection of modular desktop controllers with incredible flexibility. Build your desktop control surface to fit your particular circumstance in a matter of seconds. Modules snaps together, can be reorganized on the fly, distributed with cables or just stuck together in one impressive trunk. Like all SKAARHOJ controllers the XC Series is running UniSketch OS and so they will control any current and future broadcast devices we support.


More than just another broadcast controller, the XC series redefines what flexibility means in creating efficient, context sensitive control surfaces for live production. Hook it up with your vMix or Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher just to mention the most obvious applications. Of course, any design core UniSketch OS supports is available free of charge!


Combine as you Like modules snap together by magnetic force - or you can use a short cable

How it works

The rightmost module in the trunk has to be the master with the Ethernet port, running UniSketch OS. All connected modules to the left are slaves to that master. As an awesome consequence, say you had three master modules: Connected they would work as one single controller, but separated they would be three completely independent, autonomous controllers.


Snap Together

The modular construction of the XC series means modules can snap together by strong magnetic force. The powerful magnets used in the XC series helps to guide modules together and ensures perfect alignment between the individual modules. Once they are snapped together you will have a strong and robust hardware interface with great intuitive tactile control.


The electrical connection between modules is by industrial strengh DB-9 connector.

Or Use a Short Cable

Instead of snapping modules together you can link them together by a short cable. This is a great feature if you want to delegate the job of camera control, AUX switching SloMo Replay etc to seperate operator.


It's possible to link single or multiple modules together.

Source Labels

A highly unique feature SKAARHOJ introduces in the XC series is the integration between buttons and displays. Source labels are provided via UniSketch (ATEM, vMix and more) so you get easy identification of all switcher sources. The crisp 64x32 pixel OLED displays provides easy to read labels - never be stuck with printed labels or cryptic 4-character legends again!


With the RGB backlit buttons you can organize your controler in color coded sections that reflect which device they are controlling or which function category they are assigned to.


Classic Broadcast Buttons

We have adopted the source labels for the classic 17.4mm sculptured cap backlit push buttons as well. Use the displays to identify sources or to identify the fuctions of the individual buttons. If shift states are utilized the displays will update and reflect their current function.


T-bar, Joystick and Encoders

The classic hall-effect type T-bar with barrel handle are fitted in modules such as the XC2, XC3, XC8 and the XC13.


The 4-axis joystick is a new component being introduced in the XC series. Use it for robotic camera control, DVE control and more.


The encoders with displays is a strong component for controlling AUX channels, selecting graphics from the media pool, setting camera parameters and more. UniSketch are able to extract information such as source names, graphic file names and more.

Expand as you Grow

The XC series offers a unique upgrade path when your production size expands. The almost seemless modularity lets you start small and buy more modules later without compromising the overall cohesiveness of the interface.

Overview build-a-bear

Controllers in the XC Series are delivered as a Master or a Module. The rightmost controller must be a Master.


A Master controller can be connected to another master controller and act as a module. When detached it will act as a self-independent Master.

XC7 Features


4 RGB buttons with OLED display

4-axis joystick

Physical Specifications


Enclosure Size 8.3 x 18 x 7.5 cm

Weight 0.565kg



Length: 88 mm   Width:178 mm

Height: 72 mm   Totalweights: 0.572 kg.

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