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EtherSound is the digital audio and control transfer protocol of choice for many modern live sound applications. Now with a single Yamaha MY16-ES64 card you can add 16 channels of bidirectional EtherSound connectivity to a range of Yamaha professional audio devices that accept mini-YGDAI expansion cards. Simply add one, two, or three MY16-EX expansion cards to the core MY16-ES64 card to increase the EtherSound channel capacity to 32, 48, or 64 channels. As EtherSound is bidirectional, MY16-ES64 and MY16-EX cards work on both ends of the system. You could, for example, equip your Yamaha digital mixer with an MY16-ES64 card and up to 3 MY16-EX cards to provide the required EtherSound input and output capability, and install complementary MY16-ES64 and MY16-EX cards into on-stage Yamaha TXn-series power amplifiers for a clean Ethernet-only connection from console to power amplifiers. For input you could use Yamaha AD8HR remotely-controllable head amplifiers connected via a Yamaha NAI48-ES EtherSound Network Audio Interface. But of course there are many other EtherSound device options as well; you might want to use Yamaha DME Digital Mixing Engines on your audio network, or a growing number of devices from other manufacturers. And since EtherSound is based on Ethernet you can use standard high-speed Ethernet hubs and routers to configure your network to meet your specific system requirements.

EtherSound: Optimum Digital Audio Transfer for Live Sound EtherSound is rapidly becoming a favorite choice for audio networking in live-sound applications because, while allowing high-quality bidirectional transfer of as many as 64-channels of 24-bit 48 kHz digital audio over a single Ethernet cable, it is easy to set up and offers extremely low latency. Using highperformance Cat-5 Ethernet cables* you can reliably transfer audio and remote control signals for compatible devices such as AD8HR remote head amplifiers over distances of up to 100 meters with no errors or degradation.


 Connector # Note

Format - - EtherSound

Audio Network EtherCon 2 EtherSound

EXT. Connector RJ-45 2 Cat 5

(For MY16-EX)

HA Remote D-sub 9 pin 1 AD8HR Protocol

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