ZBrushCore 2021.7

ZBrushCore is exactly what its name implies: The most essential elements of the award winning ZBrush software. It includes everything that you need to get your start and make your mark in the world of digital sculpting and painting. These features are streamlined into a package that is approachable for artists of all experience levels. With ZBrushCore you can sculpt, paint and create nearly anything you might imagine.
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ZBrush 2021.7 features include:


•             Design with Precision using the Knife brushes.

•             Store a point of view and swap back to it as needed with Stager.

•             Brush-Based Beveling

•             Use Stroke Interpolate to create stroke arrays.

•             Mirror Poseable PolyPaint and Mask on topologically symmetrical meshes even after they’ve been posed.

•             Adjust Last brush stroke to change its color or shape without having to redraw it.

Other Additions

Palettes can now be scrolled up and down with the mouse wheel.

Mask by Changed Points will allow the last stroke to be converted to a mask. This can also be used with Undo History to apply a mask to all strokes made after the marked undo point.

*PolyGroup by Changed Points will allow the last stroke to be converted to a PolyGroup. This can also be used with Undo History to apply a PolyGroup to all strokes made after the marked undo point.

BoostMask and DiluteMask features provide further options for refining the shape and intensity of an existing mask.

The Regroup Visible option assigns new PolyGroup IDs to the existing PolyGroups in your visible mesh.


Sketch Your Mesh!

Mesh From Mask is an amazingly fast and simple set of brushes (MeshExtrude, MeshBalloon, MeshSplat, and MeshExtrudePropDepth) for creating base meshes that you will then sculpt using the rest of the ZBrush feature set. Simply outline your desired shape with the masking lasso. ZBrush will instantly turn that outlined shape into an editable mesh. You can then either jump directly to sculpting or you can continue to refine the outline -- adding to it, subtracting, or cutting holes. As you modify the shape, the generated model updates in real-time so that you never have to guess what the results will be.


This feature offers two distinct modes. One creates precise flat shapes with a uniform thickness and controlled bevels, as shown above. The other mode creates soft, organic shapes in a balloon-type of effect that is thicker where the enclosed shape is wide and thins near corners, as demonstrated below.

2D Alpha Extrusion Along a Curve

The new Curve Alpha brushes take any 2D alpha and extrude it along a curve as real geometry! This is ideal for quickly creating stylish strands of hair or horns, twisting and tapering along any curve you create. That curve can then be edited if you wish to refine the shape. IMM Curve brushes have also been updated so they can use a flat mesh as the extrusion profile to create a similar result.


The new ExtrudeProfile brushes work in a similar way except that they use the "Flat" option in the Alpha palette to convert any 3D mesh into a silhouette to be swept along the curve.

Discover New Shapes

Give your imagination a boost! The new SnakeCurve brushes work with Sculptris Pro mode, allowing you to draw out a curve on the model and then pull it out from the surface to create beautiful organic extrusions. Depending on where you click on the curve to move it and how quickly it is pulled, the curve will twist organically as it moves to cause variations in the extruded geometry.

True Raytracing Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion is a rendering feature that follows beams of light as they come into contact with your model’s surface, bouncing directly off to reach your eye or being caught by variations in the surface -- specifically nearby details. This causes shadows to pool in areas that near other surface features. It can be very subtle but has a tremendous effect on the realism of your lighting.


With Improved AO, it makes the details on your model truly pop. This improved version of Ambient Occlusion masking is simple to use with just basic controls for intensity and smoothing. It even respects other SubTools, which means that you have total freedom to break your model up into parts that best suit your sculpting needs while enjoying the confidence that you’ll get a great-looking render when you’re done.


And yes, as with the legacy version of Ambient Occlusion you are able to use these shadows to generate masking, which you can then use with deformations or brushes to further sculpt your model!


More Updates

Sticky Hotkeys: Any hotkey that triggers a slider can now be held down. Moving the cursor then adjusts the slider until the hotkey is released. This means fewer clicks to get the same result.


The last saved project will now be opened when ZBrush starts.


USD (Universal Scene Description) format added for export and import.


"Flat" mode added to "To Mesh" in the Alpha palette to allow the creation of a flat mesh that can be extruded along a curve. IMM Curve brushes will automatically use flat meshes as an extrusion profile.


Lazy Mouse support for Lasso stroke type.


Closest and Farthest modes for Continuous Z Picker have been added.


Updates to Curve Stroke options allow more advance behavior:


"Repel Strength" and “Repel Falloff” to Curve Stroke modifiers.

Split the "Bend" stroke/curves option into two sub-options: "Bend Start" and "Bend End."

Improved control of curve editing.

Curve projection range to allow zero value.


 64-bit editions ofWindows 7 or newer


 Mac OSX: 10.10 orabove.


CPU: Core2duo with SSE2 technology or better.


RAM: 4GB (6GB+ strongly recommended)


HDD: 8GB of hard drive free space for the scratch disk


Pen Tablet: Mouse or Wacom compatible (Carbon API) pentablet recommended.


Monitor: 1280x1024 monitor resolution with millions ofcolors.


Most cards manufactured 2008 or newer. Must support OpenGL 3.3or higher.



 64-bit editions ofWindows 7 or newer


 Mac OSX: 10.10 orabove.


CPU: i5/i7/Xeon technology or AMD equivalent


RAM: 8GB required for working with multi-million polygonmeshes. 16GB+ recommended


HDD: 100GB of hard drive free space for the scratch disk.SSD highly recommended for ZBrushCore and its scratch disk


Pen Tablet: Wacom or Wacom compatible (Carbon API) recommended.


Monitor: 1920x1080 monitor resolution or higher withmillions of colors.


Most cards manufactured 2008 or newer. Must support OpenGL3.3 or higher.

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